How CBS Will Screw Up TV On Demand

Let’s start with this -- right from the website for the new CBS TV All Access Service.

“New Episodes on CBS App Next Day..

From tablets to smart phones, now there is no wait to catch up on the shows you love on the CBS App. Have it all at your fingertips as soon as they're available the very next day”.

No wait?

In what corporate world is the “next day” no wait?

You see, media barons just don’t get the new world of Netflix.

HBO Go gets it, which is why last weeks announcement that consumers could buy HBO without being tethered to cable was a guarantee of future success.

And that means Boardwalk Empire the moment it is aired; not the next day “as soon as they’re available” in CBS language.

What is CBS doing, anyway?

Changing the episodes, fine tuning the video – what a joke.

All this CBS attempt to enter the early 21st media century takes is $5.99 of your dollars every month to get full seasons of current primetime programming, daytime, late night and thousands of archived shows but no NFL games.

Sorry. Don’t be a pig.

What do you want – what you WANT?

The Masters and the Final Four will also not be available directly from CBS All Access either.

Maybe this will make it up to you.

You get live streaming of all dumbed down local CBS’ O&O programming which means mindless syndication and local news with reporters that spend more time on their looks than their stories.

And thank God for Les Moonves, Nielsen will measure this mess.

I can tell you if you’re a Millennial or the parent of a Millennial you know they are not falling for this.

They’ve got Netflix to pay for.

Many some college loan payments.

And Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are going to skip CBS content en masse.

You see here is a lesson for radio as well.

It’s about content and delivery.

What they want, when they want it – that’s what gives content value.

I wouldn’t have all the thousands of subscribers I am now very grateful to have if folks couldn’t get content that they wanted enough to pay for immediately. Not the next day.

So what we have here is traditional media selling out its local TV affiliates – and you laugh when I say don’t be surprised if Moonves gets out of the O&O TV business too.

Netflix got dinged on the stock market last week losing about $100 a share.


Institutional investors and hedge funds are playing with us.

Netflix missed its subscription growth numbers so the selloff began. Sheer insanity. Wait until they see the egg CBS All Access lays.

It would love to have a good quarter as “bad” as a Netflix bad quarter.

Moonves thinks his hits don’t stink.

Think about it.

Network primetime Nielsen ratings are going down steadily.

The age of the remaining audience is getting older by the minute.

He turns around and demands huge retransmission fees from clueless satellite and cable operators who really have nothing else with which to bilk its customers out of monthly fees.

And then, Moonves sells directly to the consumer devaluing his own O&Os, jeopardizes their advertising revenue and finds another way to sell a pig in a poke.

If this is the future of content, I can’t wait until a Millennial takes over at CBS.

Until then, there’s Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu Plus – maybe Apple in 2015 – to show the old outdated media companies how to do content delivery the right way.

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