Apple’s iTV Strategy

Steven Jobs couldn't keep the secret in advance of his San Francisco debut of a revamped line of iPods and more importantly -- it's gonzo entry into the movie delivery business. Apple's new iPods freshened the line, but the most significant thing was not just the fact that Apple is selling movies today but that early in 2007 it will debut a device that its hopes will shuffle the TV viewing market -- iTV. You have to read between the lines to see the rewards and risks Apple is taking.

iTV is expected to sell for $299 and it is designed to allow consumers to buy movies from the iTunes store for seamless viewing on television&hellip


How Facebook Saved Face

An online mutiny this past week brought Facebook to its knees and gave a scary first look at how tenuous the world of cyberspace can be. Take notes, MySpace. Your parent company News Corp. paid over $600 million for the chance to be the social network and it can all go away at the click of a mouse.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg apologized in a letter posted to members by saying "We really messed this one up." How?

On Tuesday, September 5, Facebook implemented RSS feeds. As one student of mine said, "we like to spy on people but this is too much". The RSS feeds alerted friends to changes in members' profiles -- a&hellip


XM’s Lee Abrams to Speak at USC

My friend Lee Abrams has agreed to come to Los Angeles and talk about satellite radio, the future of mobile music media and take questions from students, professors, graduates and the media.

Abrams kicks off a USC Thornton School of Music series of new events known as "Thornton Hot Topics" in which cutting edge issues relating to music media can be discussed. Nothing is off limits. Lee is a very creative guy -- a thinker who has distinguished himself in the terrestrial radio field for many years.

When Abrams decided to leave terrestrial radio for satellite radio -- before most of us knew what satellite radio was going to&hellip


Why Katie Couric Matters … Sort of.

The next generation seems particularly indifferent to the rise of Katie Couric to anchor of CBS Evening News.

It's nothing personal, I'm convinced. It's just that they don't watch network TV newscasts. They don't TiVo them, either which is why CBS hired a 49-year old reporter to read news to a largely older audience.

I was recently interviewed for an article in the Baltimore Sun on the importance of music to the new CBS newscast. Music and sound effects, special effects and all the visual and audio techniques producers can develop seem to matter too much to television. It wasn't lost on any pundits that the composer&hellip


Sirius WiFi Satellite Radio — an Idea Whose Time Has Not Yet Come

It's nice to see that Sirius Satellite Radio is getting into the Internet delivery business with the sale of a new live portable receiver known as The Stiletto. Great name. Great device. Unfortunate timing. The hefty $349.99 price comes with the promise of listening by satellite or WiFi -- at home, in the car (kits sold separately -- ouch!) and the disappointment that you'll have to wait a long time before universal WiFi is available. The new device is intriguing. The SL 100 allows for 6 Hour Recording Blocks. Software updates can be done via WiFi connection allowing Mac and PC users to easily update without using a&hellip