Do You Really Want to Defend Free Speech Over Shock Jocks?

I count myself as a staunch proponent of free speech even when it offends and even when it challenges society's tolerance for it.

I don't want the FCC, Congress, religious leaders or school teachers having an unusually influential say as to what can be said, shown or written. The FCC is a flawed group of political appointees. Congress is a flawed group of men and women who answer to a higher power -- special interest groups. Religious leaders are nice people, but they have fallen off their pedestals in the past decade more frequently than ordinary sinners -- sex scandals, power struggles, misguided organizing&hellip


The Suicide Attack By Record Labels

If we didn't already know how self-destructive the record industry can be using their past actions as a guide, you need only consider what they are trying to do right now that will really do them in.

In the bluntest language I can use (forgive me), the record labels are preparing a suicide attack on their good friends, the radio stations of this country. I call it a suicide attack because what they want to do -- if successful -- will not only hurt or maim the radio industry, still critical to their record selling ability, but kill will themselves off as well. Thus, a suicide attack.

Radio stations have for the past 75&hellip


Randy Michaels’ “Surprise Attack”

Randy Michaels, the former Jacor and Clear Channel executive is coming back.

Not just running a bunch of second tier TV stations (from the New York Times Company) but something even bigger. Who believes Michaels wants to run only TV stations when it seems like he used to run the entire world at Clear Channel.

It pains Michaels when I write about him.

Some of you may remember that he launched a holy jihad against me for not playing nice when I owned Inside Radio. And you know how that worked out --- for him.

Clear Channel unceremoniously removed Michaels from his position of power running their radio stations a&hellip


The Few, The Proud, The Mean Media Machines

After some anxious moments the other day, the business world learned that Microsoft and Yahoo have not been able to complete merger talks.

Microsoft needs Yahoo.

The software business is not what it used to be now that the Internet and mobile spaces have made computing non-essential for an increasing number of consumers. Cell phones and mobile devices are essential, computers less so. Microsoft has not exactly had the Midas touch in growing beyond software and, in my opinion, has been late to the Internet race.

Yahoo was a pioneer but it is being bested by Google -- America's latest out of control conglomerate.&hellip


What Would Mel Do?

There is little doubt in my mind that if Mel Karmazin was still running CBS, he would not have caved to the various interests that wanted Don Imus' head after he insulted the Rutgers women's basketball team on his WFAN, New York morning show.

Of course there is no way to know for sure, but I can't imagine Mel letting his revenue rich morning show get away. Putting aside his strong feelings for Don Imus, Karmazin would fight even if he had to withstand the worst possible repercussions for him -- losing advertisers. Mel would in effect tell the advertisers to go to hell and he'd wait until they came back.

Then, he'd raise&hellip