The Few, The Proud, The Mean Media Machines

After some anxious moments the other day, the business world learned that Microsoft and Yahoo have not been able to complete merger talks.

Microsoft needs Yahoo.

The software business is not what it used to be now that the Internet and mobile spaces have made computing non-essential for an increasing number of consumers. Cell phones and mobile devices are essential, computers less so. Microsoft has not exactly had the Midas touch in growing beyond software and, in my opinion, has been late to the Internet race.

Yahoo was a pioneer but it is being bested by Google -- America's latest out of control conglomerate.&hellip


What Would Mel Do?

There is little doubt in my mind that if Mel Karmazin was still running CBS, he would not have caved to the various interests that wanted Don Imus' head after he insulted the Rutgers women's basketball team on his WFAN, New York morning show.

Of course there is no way to know for sure, but I can't imagine Mel letting his revenue rich morning show get away. Putting aside his strong feelings for Don Imus, Karmazin would fight even if he had to withstand the worst possible repercussions for him -- losing advertisers. Mel would in effect tell the advertisers to go to hell and he'd wait until they came back.

Then, he'd raise&hellip



Best Buy is going to carry HD radios in all of its U.S. stores.

Wal-Mart has already agreed to do the same.

Radio Shack was the first major coast-to-coast retailer that sold HD radios and yet the shameless promotion of this useless technology continues with no progress in changing the world of radio.

I think of all the topics I cover the issue of HD radio is the most amazing to me. Surely the proponents know that adopting HD technology and forcing consumers to buy new sets is going down in flames. Terrestrial radio is not even a hot item right now -- on a car radio!



What Would YOU Pay Mark & Randall?

I know chief executives make a lot of money and I'm not a complainer who is going to nit pick executive compensation decisions. These folks are responsible for everything that happens in a company so why shouldn't they be paid well.

However, when I read that Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays made $9.31 million in 2006 and his brother, President & CFO Randall made $9.28 million I had more than a couple of questions.

My first question?

Why does Mark get to make a little more? Did Lowry love him more?

I guess you can just chalk it up to sibling rivalry.

But what's really got me lit is what the hell did Mark and&hellip


NAB To Internet Radio’s Rescue

The National Association of Broadcasters has finally gotten religion.

After months if not years of silence, the lobby group for terrestrial radio announced it is coming to the aid of Internet streamers.

Here's how the NAB told the world yesterday:
"NAB is reviewing details of Rep. Inslee's bill, which would overturn the Copyright Royalty Board's disappointing decision to dramatically raise fees for companies that stream music over the Internet. We will work with Congress to craft a solution that helps ensure the survival of a fledgling audio platform."
Rep. Jay Inslee's bill looks to reverse the recent Copyright&hellip