Video Ad Model No Threat

Traditional media finally has something not to worry about.

A study from Forrester reveals that 82% of the consumers they surveyed thought video ads were annoying. A full 75% said they just ignore the video ads and only ten percent said they interacted with these ads occasionally. If I'm selling traditional media, I'm going to like selling against these statistics.

Of course, you don't have to go to a research company to know how ineffective the new age of Internet advertising really is, you just have to be a Gen Y'er or the parent of a Gen Y'er or a nosy person watching someone blow off Internet advertising. I know I&hellip


iPhone & The Digital Future

By Stephen Meyer, Inside Music Media


Killer Radio Contests Don’t Work

KDND, Sacramento is in hot water because its morning team did a ridiculous contest egging on a listener in a water drinking contest. Water is harmless, right? Not in excess. The victim, a contestant, drank more water than she should have. Entercom, the owner, dutifully fired ten people including the morning team, as a reaction to the death of the 28-year old Jennifer Strange. Criminal charges are possible. One of the morning crew apparently questioned on the air whether they were doing the right thing. If no charges are pressed at least a prosecutor will get a chance to make some headlines for a while.

All in all the&hellip


How Apple Does It

Apple is reporting a fiscal first quarter profit up 78% from a year ago. A 24.5% increase in revenue from the prior year's quarter. Shareholder value is up 65 cents a share over a year ago. You may also remember that news accounts had iTunes slipping in the second half of 2006. The vultures were circling Cupertino. Luckily Apple CEO Steve Jobs bought none of it. Jobs knows that he is in the iPod business and that iTunes exists for the iPod. Apple sold 22 million iPods for the period ending December 30th -- a 50% increase from a year ago. Steve Jobs once again had his eyes on the right prize.

If you were in an Apple store&hellip


Turmoil Ahead For The Record Industry

By Steve Meyer, Inside Music Media