The Media Business After Jobs

Apple may be powered to succeed for years after Steve Jobs relinquished operating control, but from now on everything changes.

1.  There were two things Steve Jobs failed to do at the time of his resignation.  One of them was to build a movie platform as strong as Netflix.  The other is this – and it hits us close to home.

2.  Jobs kept the music industry from eating itself alive by seizing control of the record labels and their ability to price their own product.  Now what’s next for the music industry now that Jobs is out of the picture.

3.  Radio, don’t be afraid of Clear Channel or Cumulus.  Be afraid of this company that is going to be the next Apple someday.

4.  Social networking may default into a couple of players’ hands – here are the ones to watch.

5.  The Steve Jobs approach to consumer electronics can be applied directly to a troubled radio industry.  No kidding.  Here’s how.

A lot has been written about Apple, Jobs and their impact on consumer electronics.

This is about how the changes at Apple will directly affect your bread and butter.

If you’ve been thinking of taking out a subscription, you’ve got a lot to dig your teeth into today.

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Radio’s Next Ploy After Simulcasts

Just when you thought radio owners ran out of ways to save money, comes this …

There is more recycling in radio than by Waste Management.

We know about the radio rush to simulcast AM on FM all of a sudden – 30 years too late.

Now get a load of this …

1.  The tactic that you’re likely going to see a lot more of in radio.  If you’re working for a real good radio station, consider this a warning.

2.  The best way to simulcast a worthwhile radio brand and the worst way.

3.  When is it permissible to not do a simulcast when a simulcast is the better option?  Here it is.

Plus, 4 fresh ideas you’re going to love (but owners will hate) for innovating on AM stations.  That’s right.  I haven’t lost my mind.  I’ll show you a new age use for AM radio.

1.  The perfect place to find someone who can double your current AM numbers in one year and make the demographics younger.  Guaranteed.  I’m telling you, program directors will love this.  Why hasn’t anyone thought of it?

2. The best way to do a simulcast.  In radio, even a simulcast isn’t a simulcast anymore.  

3.  What an AM station and the Internet were made in heaven for.  I’ve got an idea so exciting, you’re going to marry AM and mobile Internet and do better than the same old tired AM syndicated formats.

4.  The one ingredient that is lacking from simulcasts or the second coming of simulcasts – without which the AM/FM simulcast lays an egg.

If you’re looking for fresh ideas and sound perspectives to defend against corporate tactics that threaten to cheapen radio, you’ve picked a great day to start a subscription.

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Voice Tracking the Hurricane


Before we hand out credit to the radio industry for a job well done, let’s ferret out the owners who don’t deserve it and the ones that do.

Hurricane Irene took less than two weeks to wreak havoc on the east coast of the United States, but the radio folks who should be getting kudos in its wake are the ones who have been averting a management disaster in their local markets all year.

5 things you can take from this disaster to make local radio better …

1.  Re-setting the station’s mission – and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Here’s how.

2.  What a station’s number one focus must now be.  Not profits.  Not just local shows but these types of local shows.

3.  How to prepare for disaster every day and win ratings while practicing.

4.  How to get a young digital user to willingly turn on a radio.  Not just a scary hurricane bearing down, this!

5.  The best way to get an FM chip built into an iPhone.  If proponents of FM chips in cell phones had done this, every phone would be a radio.

Here’s what happens when the FCC goes missing and consolidators run the show with voice tracking.

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Top Citadel Talent Refuses to Work for Cumulus

This is an uplifting story for everyone but the owner barons who have taken over the radio industry.

Today, all the details of a courageous, respected and talented talk show host who refuses to have his contract assigned to Cumulus.

You’ll want to read this …

1.  The matter is in court and Citadel is frantically trying everything to force this poor guy to work for Cumulus after the takeover.

2.  They’ve reportedly turned Judy Ellis loose on him.  Wait until you hear what she is trying.

3.  It gets better – a people-friendly radio group is ready to snap him up the minute he is out from under the Dickey regime. 

4.  How Citadel allegedly bullied Finebaum into signing a critical contract addendum and what they threatened to do if he didn’t.

5.  The one clause in


5 New Business Opportunities for Radio People

Okay, I’ve got 5 more – all new – business opportunities for radio people currently employed, unemployed or ready to become unemployed. 

Develop these ideas full-time, part-time or go get a funding and do all five of them before anyone else.

1.  Do this – the radio station of the future and it is not an Internet website.  I name 14, shall we call them “formats”, waiting for someone to do.  This is not radio as you have known it, it’s even better.  Dig in before someone else does.

2.  Hint – soon the auto dashboard will be open to you and me not just Cumulus and Clear Channel.  Here’s a franchise you will want to develop and trademark now.

3.  Over 40% of YouTube’s traffic is from consumers who want to listen to music video not necessarily watch them.  Odd, isn’t it?  So, guess what I want you to do? 

4.  A way for you to be the new age Action News in your market except without all the expense.  I’m going to tell you how.  The best way to launch it and build it out and when you see the game plan you’ll know why this is my favorite new business opportunity for radio people.

5.  Takeover a radio station’s website.  Here’s an ingenious plan that is a win-win for you and your client station, but it comes with warnings you’ll thank me for later if you seize the opportunity.  This is a license to print money and advertisers will readily support it.  Read the details here.

I’m tired of all the bad news these days.

Here are 5 actionable ideas that are worth subscribing for and can change your life.

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