Citadel and Regent Could Be Buyers

An unintended consequence of the recession is that the companies that performed so poorly that they had to seek bankruptcy protection will live another day to screw up more radio stations.

That's what is a distinct possibility once Citadel clears the bankruptcy court sometime later this year.

Regent has already been given court approval to emerge from bankruptcy as early as this month.

Therefore, shareholders, employees and listeners have been officially screwed and these companies could be among the first to start buying more stations -- as incredible as it may seem.

That may be insane to you, but you and I&hellip


Clear Channel’s Financial Comeuppance

My Italian father, God bless his soul, never knew how much money he had saved in his life even on the day he died.

That's because he did two things extremely well -- save money from his paycheck every week (he was a career military man and then designed catapults for Navy aircraft carriers).

And he paid everything off.

In other words when he bought something, he started paying the debt down immediately and for as long as it took until there was no debt. He died debt free which I know pleased him.

I have tried to learn the same lessons from my dad. Pay off everything you buy and save money. When I got my big&hellip


Conan on TBS — Smart?

For Conan O'Brien, getting pushed out of his Tonight Show digs at NBC has turned into quite a profitable business.

NBC paid him off -- $45 million to O'Brien and staffers -- when the network decided to reinstate Jay Leno to Conan's spot after Leno's ill-fated months in the 10 pm weeknight slot.

Everyone thought Conan was headed to Fox -- including Fox -- according to Deadline Hollywood's reporting. More talks were said to be scheduled between Conan and Fox after the NAB Convention now underway in Las Vegas.

Then the shocker.

In about less than two weeks, according to news accounts, Conan O'Brien's people decided&hellip


Why No Radio On the iPad

Steve Jobs just made it easier for iPhone users to multitask on their cell phones with an announcement regarding upcoming changes to the new iPhone operating system.

Phone users have been begging for multitasking capability on their iPhones. Apple offers some multitasking but it has been limited to a few Apple applications.

The new iPad -- introduced over a month ago -- was announced with the old operating system that does not allow non-Apple multitasking.

Perhaps the bigger news out of the Jobs event was the introduction of ad serving&hellip