If Citadel is so close to bankruptcy, then why is CEO Farid Suleman continuing to fire employees?

Can Farid fire enough people to save the $150 million that is due to lenders in January


Judgment Day for Radio CEOs

We tend to judge radio CEO


Radio’s Other Music Tax

So what my Italian mother would have done -- and perhaps yours as well -- is to drag both parties by the ear and make them apologize to each other.

This is getting out of hand now between the record labels and the radio groups.

The labels have SoundExchange to ably lead their fight and radio has the NAB.

It's getting nasty.

This week, the labels had two major victories in their misguided attempt to get a radio station performance tax.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved its version of a performance royalty bill for terrestrial radio and, like the already approved House measure, it will require radio&hellip


The Disney Media Solution

Walt Disney Company has been the concept model for snagging the youth market for decades now.

Kids love Snow White. Mickey Mouse and Bambi.

They love to visit Disney World. Then buy Disney-branded products. Go back to a Disney theme park a second or third time. Watch Jungle Book and Wall-E. And watch Hanna Montana on Disney's cable channel. See High School Musical at the theater.

And on and on for generations.

What eventually happens is that the Disney kids grow up, have kids of their own and become big kids themselves -- all while continuing to consume Disney products.

Disney has been textbook about&hellip


Piracy Sells Music

To listen to the music industry, you'd think that unrestricted file sharing by consumers is killing them.

If so, I wonder if the major record labels can explain why Rosanne Cash just about gave away every cut in her new album "The List" and it wound up being number one -- in sales.

Time to get real with the worn out and ineffective music industry argument that they "wuz" robbed by file sharers.

Some six weeks ago, Rosanne Cash did what amounted to a 7-minute stint on NPR and sang one of the big tunes from her album "The List" entitled "Sea of Heartbreak", her duet with Bruce Springsteen.

Cash talked about it on&hellip