SiriusXM, Pandora & Hulu in Play

More media turmoil is brewing …

Sirius XM could change hands and change everything for the delicate balance between radio and satellite radio.

And we’ve also learned Pandora could be sold to a satellite TV company – can you imagine the impact?  I mean, right now it’s like we’re almost seeing a new Pandora startup every day – yesterday it was

Hulu is one of the best answers for TV content that network executives fail to grasp.  They should be buying it.  Now look what will happen to the TV ecology if Hulu is sold to a satellite TV operator.

This article contains the down low on whether these companies will be dealt and what happens to the rest of us if they are.

1.  Is Pandora really worth buying today at a premium when two weeks ago it could have been purchased for a lot less before its IPO.  Who would be that crazy or that smart?  I name names.

2.  Why Pandora’s window of opportunity may be closing.  Fans love it and everyone including Clear Channel wants to have their own Pandora.  So what has changed?

3.  Why buying SiriusXM is a bad deal from the start.  And what are the ramifications for radio.  Or for you if you’re in the digital music business.

4.  You won’t believe who has been kicking Hulu’s tires.  Four big media companies.  I’ll tell you what their chances are of buying it.


My best thinking on what will happen to you if you’re in radio, records or the digital music business when Hulu, SiriusXM and/or Pandora are sold. 

Deadly honest and informative intelligence starts here.

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How to be Indispensable in Radio

Let’s cut to the quick.

With the Cumulus takeover of Citadel looming and ad business cooling off at the wrong time, radio groups are once again going to be in a firing mood.

Today I’ve got proven strategies from successful people that will make you indispensible exactly when you need it most.

I’ve broken this advice into two categories.  Take a peek.

Marketing and sales:

1.  Everyone loves an employee who can compel advertisers to pay full price.  No discounting.  No bundling.  That alone can defy the sluggish economy and raise income.  Makes you pretty indispensible.  Here’s all you need to know.

2.  What one thing could you do or teach someone you supervise to do that is better than being a super salesperson.  This has both radio revenue applications and benefits selling interactive media.  One critical thing that will make your company not want to let you go.

3.  If I told you a proven way that you could get paying advertisers to be more excited about radio than ever before, would you try it?  If you do, you will be responsible for an increase in business and your boss will know who it came from.

4.  Bet no radio company would fire the person who could take out Groupon in their local market.  Especially because you will be the reason all that Groupon money winds up on the air.


1.  What is more valuable to a voice tracking crazed company than even cheap voice tracking itself?  This innovative approach alone may make you a survivor or even get you promoted.

2.  Do you think your owner would like to see a huge influx of fans listening to your radio station without spending a single cent or doing one promotion.  This is it.

3.  You could be the one who – once and for all – finds the perfect way to make social networking actually work for radio.  And monetize it, too.  You’ve never heard this great idea before.

Two critical areas – sales/marketing and programming.

PLUS …7 new and effective strategies to make it hard to do without you.

One of the benefits of membership is that I have your back.

Dig in to these ideas and make yourself indispensible.

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Read More  FREE SAMPLES and the Radio Killers on the Way

Look at all the new competition coming from Internet-based music discovery ventures.

I’ve focused on 5 of the biggest threats and identified the risks.

So here are some music radio killers on the way and their chances of succeeding:

1. – the hottest new music service.  Here’s their game plan and why they are so dangerous.

2.  Facebook – This could be fatal for radio since more people are spending time with Facebook than the Internet itself.  All about Facebook music.

3.  Apple’s expected new music service – how it is built to impact radio not Pandora.

4.  Clear Channel’s Thumbplay – how this service could backfire on the nation’s largest radio group.

5.  Crowdsourcing – is turning your station completely over to interactive listeners the way of the future. 

PLUS …  How radio should defend against this growing group of online music competitors. 

This is an intelligence report with action steps.

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A Promising New Game Plan for Radio

Face it – radio has got to do something major to stem the losses of business and audience to the Internet.

You heard it here first – apps are the new Internet and radio still hasn’t figured out what to do with the Internet.

The losses stop here.

This is about a promising new game plan for radio that encourages the best use of on-air, a new use of online and an inventive new approach to content that can actually make money.

Take a peek:

1.  The critical new role of music on radio.  Within less than 12 months, music radio stations must think about making some big changes – or else.  Details here.

2.  If you absolutely have to stream your radio station online, do it this way. 

3.  The best way to drive a radio station’s audience to your website. 

4.  The one-way to make radio different from Internet radio.  It’s not just being local (although that won’t hurt).  Do this and what is on your air becomes special, unique and alive that quickly.

5.  The kind of content a radio station should be creating online.  A license to print money.

6.  What’s next for radio after FM.  

PLUS… How to get radio’s promising new game plan started today. 

One of the benefits of membership is only you get this head start.

If you’ve been thinking of coming aboard, what a great day to begin.

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The Coming Cumulus Massacre of Citadel

Cumulus Cincinnati Director of Sales Joe Wickman got fired over the phone with his kids present on Father’s Day.  (I’ve got the story for you).

The company with the mean genes run by Lew Dickey is now poised to pounce on thousands of Citadel employees sometime around Labor Day when the merger closes. 

Here’s what’s going to happen:

1.  For the first time, an idea of how massive the cutbacks will be.

2.  The Cumulus sales plan that is virtually impossible for even good salespeople to follow – the better for Cumulus to fire more people like, say, Citadel employees.

3.  Big Citadel billers are in big trouble. You’ll want to see this one coming and won’t want to be blindsided.

4.  Cockamamie pricing that drives salespeople nuts and leaves them vulnerable for dismissal.  This one is right out of the mouth of a Cumulus survivor.

5.  4:30 in the afternoon will become the most hated time of the day.  Here’s why.

6.  The sales routine will change radically and hamstring good account execs – coming soon to Citadel.

7.  A Cumulus trick to eliminate sales managers – be prepared.

8.  Creative commission cutting.  We know that Cumulus had cut sales commissions, but wait until you see how they can cut them even further. A Cumulus survivor outs his employer.

9.  The two people you don’t want to see arriving at your radio station.  Even the Grim Reaper would be more welcomed.  Here are the details.

10.  Getting fired just got more difficult –no severance until you do this – not a penny. 

PLUS …  Finally, a way to fight back.



11 new business opportunities for people with radio skills – in detail, and ready to use.

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I’m looking out for you.  Here’s proof.

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