Why No Radio On the iPad

Steve Jobs just made it easier for iPhone users to multitask on their cell phones with an announcement regarding upcoming changes to the new iPhone operating system.

Phone users have been begging for multitasking capability on their iPhones. Apple offers some multitasking but it has been limited to a few Apple applications.

The new iPad -- introduced over a month ago -- was announced with the old operating system that does not allow non-Apple multitasking.

Perhaps the bigger news out of the Jobs event was the introduction of ad serving&hellip


Cumulus Radio Imposters, L.P.

We had another earthquake yesterday but it wasn't in Mexico or Indonesia.

It was in Atlanta -- home of the number two radio group in the world and by far the meanest when it comes to how they treat their employees.

I was having lunch with my Scottsdale Study Group radio friends yesterday when we all learned that Cumulus CEO Lew Tricky Dickey did it again.

Cumulus apparently cobbled together what looks like, feels like and sounds like yet another arm of its radio empire which is to be called Cumulus Radio Investors, LP with partner Crestview and unnamed co-conspirators who, we are told, together are investing up to&hellip


Why the NAB Is Losing Radioǃ

The radio lobby (National Association of Broadcasters) and the record industry lobby (MusicFIRST Coalition) are being childish.

The record label interests try to make it appear that the radio industry is trying to hurt starving artists by opposing the proposed repeal of the performance royalty exemption.



Next from Apple — iAds

Before you doubt me on this one remember I was the guy who warned years in advance that Apple was developing a new tablet mobile product that could revolutionize the industry.

The fact that I have to point this out before mentioning what I