3 Endangered Radio Formats (And How to Save Them)

There are several forces converging around radio that need to be harnessed to save 3 of its most important and valuable formats that are now on the endangered list.

How do you compete with online when you feel compelled to put your on-air content online?

Is it possible to save these 3 key formats – I say yes, but they cannot be reinvented.  I’ll explain it.

Another mitigating factor is that listeners are changing while radio formats like these 3 are staying the same.  Most radio people are unwilling to do what needs to be done. 

So, this morning I will identify the 3 critical radio formats whose futures are not assured and what can be done to save them.  I’ll be quite specific.  Music.  Formatics.  Personnel.  Content creation.  Internet aspects.

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Much Anticipated Subscription Music Streams Will Fail

Just when consumers are demonstrating that they will pay for smartphone and tablet apps at a record pace, the question is why won’t they pay for music?

Music is the passion of the next generation. 

Without music, an iPod is useless.  Music soothes the mood and feeds the ADD.  So why are consumers dead set against paying for the music they consume?

CD sales are down – who don’t know that.

But why have legal music downloads just about leveled off on sites like iTunes?

More importantly, with numerous paid subscription streaming music sites amping up for the big push to compete with Google and Apple cloud-based music lockers, why are they destined to fail?

None of this makes sense.

This article takes a look at the chances for these companies to succeed in the new world of paid streaming subscription music that is coming:

1.  Spotify – once it gets the last major label to okay a royalty deal is that what it will take to become a growth industry in the U.S.?

2.  Rhapsody has clawed back from subscriber losses but it has one big disadvantage it may not be able to overcome.

3.  The prospect for Pandora once it has many more paid subscription music streaming competitors.

4.  Google has launched its cloud-based music locker – how’s that going?  Any indicator of the prospects for cloud-based subscription services?

5.  Does Apple have the plan to get consumers to part with a monthly fee for unlimited cloud-based music?  You may be surprised what they are up against.

6.  What consumers want that it appears paid subscription cloud-based music streamers are not going to give them that spells doom for the genre.

7.  The solution that record labels cannot bring themselves to adopt – I’ll give it to you in one line.

This article is just ahead of paid subscription cloud-based music services that will proliferate in the next few months and the chances for success.

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Satellite Radio – The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman of Radio

Mel Karmazin reported SiriusXM added 375,000 new subscribers in the first quarter of the year. 

Now with 9% more subscribers and fewer commercials – 20.5 million people if you believe The Great Salesman. 

Free cash flow is improving and Mel’s going to add new technology that will increase the number of channels that satellite radio can offer consumers.  And, he’s going to add more Hispanic channels supposedly to appease Hispanic area auto dealers who sell cars that have satellite radio in it.

I don’t know – I have a problem believing The Great Salesman.

Satellite Radio is not that good a business and there is mounting evidence as to why.

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1.  The one huge red flag that SiriusXM is raising that guarantees they are in financial hot water.  They are spinning their problem, but I’m going to expose their hand right here.

2.  Anecdotal evidence that SiriusXM has trouble getting subscribers to pay their current rates and what it means.

3.  Radio is no longer SiriusXM’s main competitor – this new technology is.  Can you name it?   

4.  The Mel Karmazinazation of “churn rates” or the real truth of what happens when auto dealers give away free subscriptions of SiriusXM.  Mel doesn’t want you to know this.

Satellite radio exposed for the business it really is – here.

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How Did You Hear About bin Laden?

Four things on my mind this morning -- bin Laden, Clear Channel, innovation and SiriusXM’s discount rates…

1. bin Laden Lessons

Osama bin Laden’s death reminds us how much the media has changed in the 10 years since 9-11. 

How did you hear about 9-11 then and how did you get and follow the news about bin Laden’s death now?

I’ve got 3 important lessons for you that will serve as a media gut check as to whether you are in sync with how audiences have changed since then.

•  The business you need to be in and it’s probably not the business you are in presently.

•  The big thing that didn’t exist 10 years ago and that is a must have today for audiences (no, it’s not the Internet).

•  This strategy will increase audiences and make you more money – the one thing audiences crave and cannot live without.

2. An alternative to Clear Channel’s monopoly on traffic services

3. Why consolidators are now saying they can finally innovate IF they are allowed to get bigger

4.  How to get SiriusXM to lower their subscription rates and throw out that music royalty tax.  One of our readers told me how he did it and I’m going to tell you.

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New Listener Hot Buttons

We often here what’s wrong with radio but rarely hear concrete usable ideas for making it better.

Today, we’re going to change all that.

I’ve got 6 hot buttons that any radio station can push to make their stations better and they won’t cost the station a penny.

This article reveals …

1.  What one thing radio listeners crave and cannot resist even in the age of the Internet.

2.  Why reorganizing your content and commercials can earn you new fans and better ratings with today’s listener.  The new plan.

3.  How to make radio listeners rabid fans even in the era of digital coolness.

4.  If you do nothing else, do this one thing and your listeners will love you immediately.

5.  Time to rethink the length of radio shows.  Here’s the new optimal length.

6.  What is the perfect mix between on-air and online – the straight answer is here.

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