Great New Media Businesses To Start

  1. Short form daily video streaming “TV” show.  Seven minutes or less – ten minutes at the most.  Hyperfocused on audiences that demand unique, compelling and addictive content.  There is one killer new way to monetize this venture and it’s not traditional advertising.
  2. Consultant who shows clients how to find like-minded audiences to respond to programming, marketing and social interaction.  Witness how the young turks who helped President Obama win reelection are now selling their skills to businesses because, as they discovered, it’s not how many people you deliver your product or service to, it’s how many liked-minded people can you find to focus on.  Clue:  radio people know how to do this.  They just don’t realize how to apply it.
  3. Curated music content.  The world doesn’t need another Spotify or Pandora.  In fact, the streaming music business is a slippery slope.  What is needed are knowledgeable people – authorities who know about music, genres, local and regional trends.  The old school radio disc jockey used to provide this critical element, but no longer.  Yet the audience’s craving for music discovery is greater than ever with radio, streamers and web providers letting them down on curation.  Again, radio people were born to do this and can find a new home for their skills if they know how to adapt and anticipate.
  4. In the moment, real-time radio.  All cars will soon have instant touch traffic and weather together in real time as radio loses another formerly exclusive listener attraction.  Imagine a 10-minute “Sports Center” for every local high school.  Current to the latest game.  What parent or grandparent – or for that matter – what student could resist?  You want to make them love radio again?  Play tough – add video.  National radio networks are the wrong answer.  Local, even hyperlocal school sports “stations” are instant moneymakers.

Let’s discuss these and other great new businesses for business people to start when we get together for the 5th Annual Media Solutions Conference – this year in Philadelphia, March 26th.

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