Google To Disrupt Music Radio Next

Google is going to announce that it is launching a massive streaming music competitor to Pandora and the much-awaited Apple Radio later today.

But they’re not really going after them – there’s no money to be made there.

Google is targeting radio and make no mistake about it.

Now, what Google’s real intentions are and how smart radio operators can cut them off at the pass before they damage free radio.

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  1. Which radio operator does Google want most to be like?  Be careful, it’s a trick question but the answer tells you where they are headed.
  2. What’s the one surefire way for radio to come roaring back against the growing popularity of streaming music providers.
  3. Why selling downloads is fast becoming like selling vinyl – a sea change of consumer sentiment is taking music in an entirely new direction.
  4. But what is not being said – and you likely will not read it anywhere today – is that Google is really looking to deliver a deathblow to music radio.  Here’s why.
  5. Important!  Google has two new music services heading to market.  The other one is a killer. 

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