Good Radio Owners’ Nuclear Option

This is war!

The smaller, locally focused good radio operators have had enough of Clear Channel, Cumulus, Entercom and even CBS in some cases blighting their markets even if they are too nice to make a public stink about it.

So they have a few strategies that are so awesome, if they detonate them this year – and some will – they are going to eat their consolidated competitors alive because there is no defense against what they are planning.

They’ve had enough of competitors who are dragging down the entire industry.

They’re growing balls!

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  1. An ingenious strategy to put a hurt on consolidated competitors who cannot defend against it.  No way.
  2. How two small moves that are easy to do can cripple consolidated competitor’s revenue while they are distracted refinancing their debt. Hardball.
  3. Plus, their plan to force greedy competitors to choke on their phony digital ad strategies.
  4. How smart locally focused groups will move to put a stranglehold on market revenue without even having to attract new advertisers. 
  5. No!  No!  No!  Tell me it ain’t so! The two good radio groups that, frankly, have me worried that they are glancing at the evil consolidators playbook.  I’ll reveal.

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