Good Radio Groups Prepare Panic Plans

It had to happen.

Sooner or later, even the good companies start to act like the Evil Doers and Evil Empires.

Radio revenue is down, digital competition is up.

Enter, the Good Groups Panic Plans.

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  1. COX– the likelihood of more station sales by year’s end and the chance they will continue to selectively combine jobs and eliminate people.
  2. BONNEVILLE & HUBBARD – Two of the best operators but one has an insurance policy against a bad year and the other has a plan for cutting costs if necessary.
  3. SAGA – A surprising prediction about a radio group that rarely makes the headlines.
  4. ENTERCOM – the trigger that will make them become more like Cumulus. 
  5. CBS RADIO – How long it can go without having to reduce staff.
  6. And what everyone is wondering!  What is the bellwether for radio’s future – it’s not Clear Channel, not Cumulus.  It’s how this one company does.

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