Full Blown Rebellion Over Clear Channel Cutbacks

One market manager has to cut an estimated $72,000 in expenses – EVERY MONTH!

They are pissed – really pissed.

Because their stations are making their numbers just fine and now will have to cut more to the bone so that the Clear Channel 2 Live Crew of Bob Pittman and Richard Bressler can make theirs.

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  1. How this cutback is worse than you think – for the first time, the Pittman 0.5% mandate is applied to real radio station revenue and the numbers don’t work. 
  2. Is firing Ryan Seacrest on the table?  That bad!
  3. How one top performing market manager sent $75 million in profit to Pittman last year and the almost unbelievable thing Pittman wants him to do this year.
  4. New evidence that while Clear Channel is demanding 0.5% expense reductions across the board, corporate is continuing to find new ways to spend money.  Just this week!
  5. DEFCON 2!  Some top billing managers may walk rather than cut.  Clear Channel can’t see these disastrous unintended consequences coming.

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