Forget Nash FM, Cumulus Up To Evil Plan

I guess it’s now Country Lew and the Fish.

Oh wait, that’s not country.

But then again, the Cumulus Nash FM scheme has less to do with country music than you might think.

Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey has seemingly discovered country music in a big way with the purchase of a poor-signaled New York FM station that is bringing the format back to the Big Town for the first time in almost two decades.

See, country doesn’t work in New York City or else Dan Mason would have done it.

Jeff Smulyan would have done it.

Hell, Clear Channel with ex-country PD Bob Pittman now its CEO – would have done it.

WYNY did it but bailed out in 1996 to become WKTU.

In other words there is a reason no smart broadcaster has done country in New York City – at least successfully – and why most refuse to go there.

But that Nashville Cat himself, Lew Dickey, Jr. knows more than anyone else so he and Other Brother John have invented Nash FM 94.7.

Something is seriously wrong here suggesting that the Dickeys are working a greater, dangerous plan that I’m about to reveal here.

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  1. Why installing country on their new New York FM station is a smokescreen for something more dangerous.
  2. What’s the real motivation for Nash FM – it’s sure as hell not ratings as you’re about to find out.
  3. The big media company Dickey recently met with to buy into his crazy plan.
  4. What’s ahead for Cumulus salespeople who think they are going to have to sell this new country format but are in for a big surprise when they find out what corporate really has in mind.
  5. Warning:  A Nash FM brand across all their country stations is nothing compared to the next radical move in the works.

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