For Radio, There’s Townsquare Digital and There’s Not Exactly

There is only one radio group that is a major player in digital revenue and that is Townsquare.

Other radio groups envy them because with revenue off an average of 50% the second quarter year over year, they need new sources of revenue.

Podcasting, an arguably questionable source of future growth, is significantly not a big part of Townsquare’s digital revenue haul.

Townsquare has been relatively secretive about how they do so much digital business, but upon further investigation, this company consisting of tiny market stations has a huge business platform.

We now know how many people they have working to pull off this 50% digital miracle and how many clients contribute to the revenue stream plus the unique way it is sold and serviced – even the amount of revenue digital contributes to their bottom line.

And now Townsquare is getting ready to expand into markets where they don’t own stations which could be a wakeup call for their larger competitors.

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