FBI Investigating Alleged Clear Channel Email Hacking

Even The Evil Empire wouldn’t go that far, would they?

One ex-employee has had it up to here with the reported snooping of Bob “Private Eye In The Sky” Pittman’s company so he went to the FBI and turned them in.

For real.

And even hired a private company to answer one gnawing question for him. 

Is Clear Channel hacking into my email?

Here’s the amazing story that once again proves it’s not nice to screw with an ex-Clear Channel employee.

And, of course, as I always do – this source is being safely protected in my Witness Protection Program.

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  1. Why the FBI is now investigating Clear Channel.
  2. How this ex-employee had email contact with CEO Bob Pittman and another Clear Channel executive only one day before the alleged hack attack.
  3. Revealed:  the name of the person’s computer at Clear Channel an outside security company reportedly said may have been the source of the hack.  
  4. What a second security company – one that works for the government in China – said about the company’s alleged intentions.
  5. Most importantly!  How The Evil Empire got caught and what this ex-employee is now doing to protect against further breaches of personal privacy.

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