FAQs About The 2015 Philly Conference

Q: How is this day different from a typical radio conference?

A: You’re busy working to make your numbers. Understood. This is the most efficient way to see what’s trending next, the challenges and opportunities ahead and a chance to drill down specifically to what you need in our classroom setting. The Media Solutions Conference outlines a number of critical issues (this year there are 13) and solutions are offered. Real take home pay.

Q: Will you get everything in in just one day?

A: And more, because the type of person who is investing their time and money in this program also contributes. The teacher and the taught together do the teaching.

Q: Dress code?

A: Flyers paraphernalia. I’m kidding, but you ARE in Philadelphia.   Be casual.

Q: What’s it like?

A: I have 13 modules of curriculum – see them here.   I start the discussion, tell you what I’ve learned, use visual aids and video when they are relevant. We talk back and forth a lot. That’s what we’re good at, right? No PowerPoint, rest easy.

Q: Will this conference finally be available on video or streaming?

A: No. Last year I videotaped the session as I have done previously but I never made it available. If you’ve attended one of my other 5 seminars you’ll know why this really works best face-to-face.

Q: Will your guest, WTOP PD Laurie Cantillo, make a speech about increasing web traffic (WTOP does about 2 million visitors a month)?

A: Instead, I will interview her and you will help me. By the way, the reason I invited Laurie is because WTOP’s website doesn’t just substitute for an on-air stream, the WTOP website is developing an entire, separate base of fans who only experience WTOP content on the website. This is different than most station sites that mirror their on-air audience so I thought it would be worth getting Laurie to share.

Q: Will there be time for Q & A?

A: That’s the best part. When we’ve covered all the curriculum, you get to drill down and be as specific as your needs require.

Q: Cheesesteaks for lunch?

A: Is the Pope Italian? Of course but we also have salad options, dessert, breakfast buffet, home baked goodies on the breaks including pretzels (Philly, right?) and ample beverages. All included with our gratitude.

Q: Are there any discounts available?

A: Contact me personally about group discounts here. Remember, you may deduct your tuition as a business expenditure. Check with your accountant.

Q: What type of person attends this conference.

A: Well, not the kind who wants to hear Lew or John Dickey or Bob Pittman tell you how to succeed. This is more like me teaching eager students at USC. Keep in mind, our attendees are making a conscious decision to invest a day and their money to get up to speed and leave with a positive plan. You’ll like learning with them.

Q: Where can I stay nearby?

A: My wife, Cheryl, enjoys helping participants prepare for their Philly trip. I know one popular hotel with attendees is sold out. There are also discounts available at specific hotels relating to this event. Contact Cheryl at (480) 998-9898 or by email.

Q: How far is the meeting from the airport?

A: 20-25 minutes. And walking distance from Amtrak’s 30th Street station. This is centrally located and a great facility. Check out our awesome meeting room here. Very comfortable seats. Don’t fall asleep.

Q: What time does the conference start?

A: 8am to get your badge, then a complimentary buffet breakfast until 9am when we get down to it. Lunch is at noon.

Q: When does the conference end?

A: 4pm – easy to get to the airport or train station to head back home.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


8:00 am         Registration / Complimentary Breakfast

9:00 am         Solutions to Commercial Clutter
                      How Much Radio / How Much Digital?
                      Listen Longer Strategies
                      Eliminating Radio’s 3 Biggest Objections

10:30 am       Break

10:45 am      Ways To Compete with Online Content
                      What Millennials Want From Radio
                      8 Millennial Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

12 Noon        Complimentary Lunch

1:00 pm        How To Attract Millions To Your Website (Laurie Cantillo interview)

2:15 pm        Break

2:30 pm         Selling Against Competitors Who Drop Rates
                      Innovative Sources of New Radio Revenue
                      Telling Stories – the New Spoken Word
                      Why You Should Pass On Podcasting

3:30 pm        Audience Q & A

4:00 pm        Conference Concludes

This one-day seminar is not available on tape, digitally or by stream. Recording the event by attendees is strictly prohibited.

Reserve a seat.

Inquire about group rates here.