EXPOSED: $100 Million CBS Radio Losses On a $2 Million Quick Revenue Deal

CBS Radio quarterly revenue was short $2 million and what they did to get the money by the deadline turned into a whopping $100 million loss just to dress up their Miller Kaplan’s.

They chose to compromise their rates and revenue growth by taking deals that are so bad – well, you don’t even know how bad they are.

You’ve no doubt heard rumors about the barter house known as ICON International.

Today you’ll find out. 

Now it can be known thanks to sources close to the situation who are now in our Witness Protection Program.

This story has been rumored but is so bizarre that it best illustrates that the battle for the future of radio is not being lost to digital, but to greedy bastards pulling stunts like this.

  1. How CBS screwed itself out of $100 million in advertising desperate to dress up Miller Kaplan’s for just one quarter.
  2. The huge mistake CBS made that caused paying advertisers to stop paying for CBS ads.
  3. And we’re not kidding, the losses were around $100 million on a $2 million quick revenue deal. 
  4. Why CBS Market Managers and Directors of Sales were pulling their hair out.
  5. Who was responsible for this failed revenue scheme.
  6. The tale of 200 10-second ads that cost a whopping $10,000 a piece!

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Today’s CBS story is one of the many that comes from newstipsters who can share information in our Witness Protection Program that protects their identity and confidentiality.  Share news, memos and emails here

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