Ex-Employees To Sue iHeart for Nearly $1 Billion

Payback is a bitch.

And that bitch is soon going to haunt the financially troubled iHeartMedia.

Brought by ex-employees who are madder than hell and looking for their pound of flesh.

Here’s what we know …

  • When this massive civil lawsuit will likely be filed against iHeart.
  • How much money iHeart is secretly earmarking just in case they have to settle out of court like they usually do – it will likely cost even more if they lose a jury trial.
  • The dirty trick iHeart is using to prevent employees leaving the company from not joining the group of litigators.
  • How all of this fits in to that sketchy iHeart employee questionnaire that popped up out of nowhere last week – this is very, very sneaky and now requires extra caution.
  • The repercussions for toxic workplaces such as Cumulus if these ex-iHeart employees prevail.
  • From a person who successfully sued Clear Channel, the surprising chances of these ex-employees winning.

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