Even Publishers Are Getting Into Binge Content

Netflix has done more to wreck traditional network television than anything.

House of Cards being released on Valentine’s Day reshaped the lover’s holiday for the first time ever as people stayed on their sofas and binged throughout the weekend to see all 13 of the much-awaited season two.

And that’s the world we live in.

The one that asks, “I’m only up to episode 5 so don’t tell me what happens”.

A world of spoilers lurking everywhere.

Binging is the new broadcasting and for broadcasters that could mean a lot of problems.

Broadcasting is in real time, but audiences want on-demand.

Time shifting is no longer a philosophical option.  It’s a necessity.

In radio, we love the bubble we live in that makes us feel like we can ignore something this earthshattering. 

Even book publishers are getting with it.

Did you see how they are directing their best selling authors to write their novels on a quicker schedule so the publishers can release the books in rapid fire order – for print that would be, say, every few months.

Radio is going to have to deal with this market game changer.

And that’s why it is one of the 7 critical issues we must deal with to remain viable at my March 26th Philly conference. 

  • Why it is possible to both broadcast in real time and offer binge content for audiences.  And it cannot be the same thing.
  • How you can even make money from developing binge content for your radio brand.
  • The worst thing you can do is to confuse your potential binge content as recycled programming that has already aired.  Do that and it’s game over.
  • One absolute major change radio stations will have to make to their online content if they decide to get into producing binge content.

We’re going to brainstorm together – develop ideas that you can use if you like and get started before it is too late.

Here are the 7 critical issues that will drive this conference  …

  1. Disrupting radio -- Specific ways to disrupt radio and put an end to digital competitors interrupting your station’s revenue stream.  Pandora radio is already killing Clear Channel’s sales in the first quarter of the year in major markets that are off 5% -- ignoring digital competitors will not make this stop.  Disrupt them.
  2. Master digital -- as a second stream of free cash flow alongside a reinvigorated air product.  Even Facebook is changing its bet from mass social networking to smaller, more personalized group connection as witnessed by its recent $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp.  Master solutions to transform both your radio and digital power into something that will attract big money advertisers.
  3. Starting your own social media -- The first step to starting your stations own social media network independent from Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat or whatever else comes next.  A more sure footed way to grow your fan base.
  4. Adapting radio to the digital age -- Solutions to giving younger money demo listeners the radio that they want – a morning show that will take their breath away because no one is currently doing it.  Finally, an answer to how to fill their need for music discovery and your station’s need to gain ratings through repetition of the hits at the same time.  The only contest that will make their dreams come true and it’s not a trip or tickets to a concert.  I’m going to reveal it so you can do it.
  5. Getting into video -- The best route to starting your own radio station video business – one that will not need salespeople to unlock the revenue potential and that will more than make up for any on-air advertising shortfalls you may run into this year.  I’ll play video examples and reveal the winning game plans.
  6. Attracting younger audiences -- From my work as a USC professor in the area of generational media:  the four critical things Millennials expect of media.  This checklist is so valuable, I am using it right here, right now – can you tell?
  7. Solving time shifted radio -- Time shifting is the new broadcasting in an increasingly on-demand world.  It’s not just repurposing your morning show.  It’s grade A content that is irresistible and most in-demand by advertisers.

The Philly conference is just 1 month to the day.

I sure hope you will join us because this event will not be available by stream or video – only live and in person. 

I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you in Philly March 26th

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