Entercom’s Stock Apocalypse

Analysts may be starting to see things my way as it relates to Entercom.

Their stock price has been sinking from a $16 high before the CBS Radio acquisition to within a quarter from being a $4 stock as of close yesterday.

And that means institutional buyers may either be forbidden from investing in “ETM” by their own rules or because they have increasing concern.

Either way the CBS merger is appearing to be the bust we called it from outset and evidence of incompetence are everywhere around the company’s attempt to clean up their mess.

  • Even Wall Street is starting to turn on Entercom – their reasons, concerns, eye-popping quotes.
  • What one thing that almost nobody in radio can name is worrying the financial community the most about Entercom.
  • Previously untold details of how Entercom staves off the dumping of their stock – and it’s all legal if not deceiving.
  • Surprising doubts percolating from fans of David Field concerning Entercom’s growth plan.
  • Real concerns about the all-news stations Entercom bought from CBS Radio – identified and analyzed.

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