Entercom’s Hypocrisy

Entercom wasted no time firing their morning team in Rochester for a tasteless transgender joke.

What you don’t know is that the offensive joke had nothing to do with their firing.

And be on the lookout for copycat radio groups who have declared war on their own radio personalities.

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  1. The real reason Entercom acted like lightning when they went 10 years without firing a programming exec who did far worse things.
  2. Why radio personalities will want to keep an eye out for a new tactic that failing radio groups are starting to use to shake-up their stations.
  3. Truth or dare:  what the replacements for the fired Rochester personalities will reveal.
  4. For stations that actually care about racial and gender issues, 3 ways to always do what’s right by your audience.
  5. What CEO David Field’s new cologne tells you about how Entercom is now willing to do business.

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This article was made possible by information from several sources close to the situation. When you report news, you are automatically in my Witness Protection Program, which has never revealed a source. 

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