Entercom’s Financial Troubles

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  1. Entercom is not a $9.65 stock (that’s not me talking, it’s the market) – here’s what it really is (and the math to prove it).
  2. David Field keeps upping the synergy cutback number from $25 million then quadrupled to $100 million and now an extra $10 million added on to $110 million – if he really plans on cutting $110 million, here’s what that will look like. 
  3. Not one day after the CBS merger happened did investors bet up the prospects for the merged company – in fact, Entercom stock lost 40% of its value and still hasn’t recovered – what the market knows that Entercom is not telling us.
  4. Major benefits cuts are coming to Entercom’s CBS employees – here’s how the law of unintended consequences may backfire.
  5. When does the honeymoon end – here’s what analysts say is Entercom’s put up or shut up date. 

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