Entercom’s Emerging Problems

About $1.20 in additional losses and Entercom makes it to the $4 stock range.

That would be a catastrophic fall from $16 thanks to a CBS merger that shareholders didn’t like from the word go.

But with expected third quarter losses due to be made public soon, Entercom has so many problems that sooner or later everyone will see its real value or lack of it.

For Entercom to deliver on David Field’s merger promises, he would have to greatly outperform a radio industry that is also experiencing declining revenue.

To be fair this company is still in decent shape but another year like 2018 and Entercom will be in serious trouble.

Their emerging problems are major ones – cannot be ignored.

Wait until you hear about how their much-vaunted sports operation is being received in the sports world and some of the issues Field is trying to outrun.

He can work off this list.

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