Entercom Regionalization Plan Feared

You probably already know that Chicago is doing traffic for Entercom Detroit – they even got a pronunciation guide sent in for Detroit streets.

Traffic hubs are nothing new but the concept seems to be expanding yet even with that Entercom laid off two people in its Philadelphia production center during one of their big post-COVID RIFs.

iHeart’s Total Traffic and Weather still exists to save money and ironically provides traffic services to competitors like Cumulus and Entercom among others.

Things are about ready to really get out of hand with regionalization of radio.

Entercom reportedly is considering plans to expand the use of regional centers to eliminate more employees and they are thinking big.

With the country going back on lockdown and the prospect for radio resuming its ad business to reintroduce local advertisers that remain shut down, we begin to get a look at what regional radio with virtually no boundaries looks like.

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