Entercom Cutting Live Jocks – And Winning

This doesn’t bode well for the talent fighting to keep their jobs in the radio industry right now.

Entercom has found a way to drastically reduce or eliminate live talent and get ratings to go up at the same time.

Armed with this, Entercom has the template for a massive systemwide reduction in work force at a time when they are burning through cash and getting hit hard by advertising losses due to COVID-19.

Looking at the ratings increases, Entercom is finding ways to confound traditional wisdom that live and local attracts the largest audiences as you’ll see when you consider that listeners seem to like Entercom stations without live talent.

This is empowering to owners that are dedicated to cutting salary expenses in the next 90 days – and the cume vs. quarter hour numbers are mysteriously non-intuitive even as drivetime has been adversely affected by working at home.

This is eerily the look of Entercom’s future downsizing plan that other groups most certainly will follow.

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