Embrace a Digital Strategy That Makes Millions

We often talk about how difficult it seems to be these days to chew gum and do digital at the same time in the radio industry.

But for those willing to give up money-losing and futile attempts at a digital strategy such as streaming, podcasting and selling banner ads, there is something much more lucrative.

Making short-form videos in your area of interest and/or expertise – even within your broadcast station’s brand.

I’ve discovered how entrepreneurs are making millions – I’m wrong, multi-millions – without even the expertise that most professional broadcasters have.

We can do this if we will take a moment to learn the new rules.

It is being done right now – not by mega media companies like Comcast or Disney – but by entrepreneurs like us.

And it’s being done without selling any banner ads.

And, no video pre-rolls that turn viewers off. 

In fact, no ads need to be sold at all to make millions of dollars.

That’s right let me say it again, no ads at all.

This ingenious approach now being successfully used outside of radio and television makes big money without even charging fees or subscription prices.

It’s going to be a big deal and we need to get there first.

If you can find a way to break loose for one day, March 26, 2014 for my media conference, I’ll share it all, give examples and help you with a game plan.

Here’s the curriculum for the event:

1.  Disrupt Your Radio Station

  • Blow it up without losing listeners.
  • We clear up how to gain audience by attacking all the things digital age listeners hate about radio before a digital competitor does it.
  • Use this plan to drastically alter and destroy the old structure the way Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Netflix did.
  • Turn ordinary radio into new revenue streams.
  • Solve virtually every critical objection digital-age listeners have about radio with newfound confidence to innovate.

2.  Master Digital

  • Learn how people you probably don’t know make millions of dollars in digital without running commercials or even selling banner ads.  It is being done right now but traditional media isn’t doing it.  Consider this your game plan. 
  • Reinvent the station website to churn out money.  Rethink social media.  Forget clicks and “likes”. 
  • A better option than streaming and a way for your station to become the “Netflix of Radio”.

3.  Succeed With New Social Media Strategies

  • End radio’s social media slump:  Instagram is ousting Facebook.  And Twitter is in trouble.  Time to alter the way you do social media with this new plan.
  • Social Media Shakeup: texting with pictures is where you should be.  Fast track it.
  • Social Media SOS:  social media is no longer just about staying connected so if your radio station is relying on today’s social media, this is a heads up to get with it.

4.  Reinvent Radio for the Digital Age

  • Shake up the way you do radio to make it a growth industry again.  3-month plan of action to get started.
  • Maximize audience and advertisers distracted by digital alternatives. 
  • Earn an exponential increase in revenue by following this one simple plan that will help you.  
  • Fiscally responsible alternatives for innovating local radio. 
  • Learn the most effective approach to reinvigorating a radio station that is under attack from digital competitors.  The secret is in one paragraph you will want to memorize as your credo. 
  • We will brainstorm together on steps that will guarantee that you will find new radio listeners by outsmarting digital competitors.

5.  Growth Opportunities in Short-Form Video

  • Discover how entrepreneurs are making millions by doing short form video that contains no ads and has no subscription fees.  This more than pays for your tuition!
  • Target key areas of growth for short-form video.
  • The one-stop solution to making social, short-form video for a profit.

6.  Engage 80 Million Millennials

  • Audience building secrets to engage Millennials and win them back to radio. 
  • One-Day Life-Changer:  Make radio instantly cooler.
  • I will share my work in generational media that indicates this young and massive audience is available to traditional media such as radio, TV and the record industry but not by continuing the status quo. 
  • Come away knowing their hot buttons and their turn offs.

7. Time Shift Radio

  • New rules:  All content must be available on-demand – everything.  The audience is demanding it all and all at once. 
  • The real solution for creating time shifted radio content. 
  • Critical question that will be answered: Whether to rely on over-the-air broadcasts for time shifting or create new content. 
  • Boost revenue by marketing time shifting as a new stream of revenue.  Go to school on time shifting.

Join forward-thinking media people who are attending my one-day seminar March 26, 2014 at the Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia.

For those who register today, take $200 off the registration fee.

Click here to register now.