Embarrassing Cumulus Revenue Figures Leaked

No matter how tight the Dickeys try to run their little fiefdom, they can’t seem to tamp down the urge of employees to scream “Mayday”.

Lew Dickey is getting ready to lie – I mean, explain to analysts why the fourth quarter of last year fell apart and you can’t say Lew doesn’t come up with some pretty lame excuses.

But now we know the rest of the story even before the boss gets up to change the subject:

  1. Amazing figures that prove how the Cumulus New York cluster is failing.
  2. The actual monetary repercussions of firing Scott Shannon as morning man from WPLJ – we now know the revenue numbers to put with the move.
  3. Which powerful major market FM station is now being outbilled by a lowly AMer.
  4. Lew Dickey’s play toy country Nash FM – how it did in New York and with a 1.3 rating, the lowest ever.  Projections on what this format will bill in the showcase market.
  5. Why salespeople in New York dread working for Gary Pizzati and what one thing they liked about the Market Manager he replaced, Kim Bryant.
  6. How only two accounts control the future of one of Cumulus’ biggest stations – they go away and it’s all over.

Let’s dig in.

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