Dickey to Regain Control of Cumulus in Takeover Bid

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  • Timing of Lew’s move
  • How long will Dickey’s takeover bid take
  • What will the takeover look like
  • The plan to purge the Cumulus board
  • Who Lew will fire on Day One
  • McVay was hired by Lew – is he safe with 2 years left on his contract?
  • Will Bob Walker and Dave Milner be kept – they’re running 90 stations apiece right now.
  • What about Gary Pizzati – he’s being paid $1 million by Berner not to work right now.
  • A look at the future of Senior VPs and new company structure.
  • What happens to Engage, The Dickey era-program that every seller hated.

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