Cumulus Under New CEO Mary Berner


  • How Cumulus is going to be a radically different company under Mary Berner – no radio background.
  • Was she brought in to take Cumulus to bankruptcy – she did it to Reader’s Digest. Details.
  • What’s this keeping Mike McVay to replace John Dickey in programming all about? Did Mary Berner really do this?
  • The big F@#k You that Jeff Marcus may have given Lew Dickey on the way out the door.
  • How soon will Mary Berner make more major changes – the time line.
  • And what about Westwood One – more of the same, fixed or sold.
  • How local markets will soon operate – will Mary Berner make it more local or more national with a different management team.
  • The fate of the Cumulus computerized sales tracking system that makes sellers lose up to two hours of productive time per day.
  • If you think Mary Berner has no radio experience, look at who interviewed for the Cumulus CEO job with even less.
  • The prospects for merger or sale of assets under new management.
  • Now that the Dickeys have fallen from grace, which radio group CEO is next?

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