Cumulus Strikes Again Today

Cumulus put out an urgent email yesterday.

Mandatory meeting.


Their words, not mine.

But what’s going to happen is tantamount to a sucker punch thrown by CEO Lew Dickey’s Christmas email where he made nice to his “team”.

Now, just two days after Christmas, as you will see, it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy.

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  1. First, the “sucker punch” Dickey used to throw his employees off guard for what’s about to happen next.
  2. The urgent memo calling for mandatory attendance at a meeting this morning – this will set the tone for where Cumulus is heading.
  3. Why there will be mass cutbacks in more than 67 stations.
  4. CBS’ response to rumors that they are trying to buy one of Lew Dickey’s major market stations.
  5. The two killer strategies Dickey plans to employ to cut costs and personnel in the next six months starting now.

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