Cumulus Losses Exposed

At no time in recent history has anything this bad happened to market managers since the forced furloughs a couple of years ago.

Corporate henchmen like Gary Pizzati are bombarding stations with directives – sometimes as many as 7 emails a day ordering cutbacks (Pizzati did that yesterday to his “region” which includes numerous small markets but also New York, Los Angeles and Chicago – a total of 22 across the country).

Cumulus executives suspect that something is seriously wrong.

  • The actual revenue figures that Cumulus keeps secret for its New York and LA markets says it all. Read them here along with projections for 2015 right off their spreadsheets.
  • What Cumulus is telling its managers about paying their bills.
  • The ban on hiring salespeople, but even worse what corporate is going to make sellers do within the next two weeks.
  • Part-timers beware!
  • The reason for new mandated meetings forcing market managers to confer with program directors (and it has nothing to do with the on-air product).
  • What happened to WPLJ’s billing after Cumulus drove Scott Shannon into the hands of competitor WCBS-FM.
  • What does the 0.6 rated KABC bill in LA and what is it projecting.
  • The things Cumulus adds to the numbers to pad their revenue figures revealed.
  • Sources close to the situation who wish to remain anonymous because they are not authorized to reveal corporate revenue figures say something is drastically wrong.
  • After reading these numbers, you can see why another round of layoffs is coming.

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