Cumulus Looking To Cut AP and Traffic Costs

Lew Dickey now wants to be cheaper than his archrival Saga’s Ed Christian.

He’s targeting the large lucrative contracts AP has with Cumulus and is ready to dump his traffic services to go with a cheaper vendor.

The other shoe is about ready to drop.

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1.  Who the new Cumulus traffic provider will be and approximately when that bombshell will hit.

2.  Next target:  Associated Press.  How Cumulus expects to save and the two leading candidates to replace AP.

3.  The former Clear Channel employee that was recruited at the time of the Citadel takeover under the radar by the Dickeys to cut news expenses across the group.

4.  Once a deal is in place, the strategy Cumulus will implement to guarantee that the costs continue to go down. 

5.  And, ironically, how former Citadel CEO Farid Suleman actually made it possible for Lew Dickey to completely gut his news agreements and start over at a lower rate.

The answers begin here.

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