Cumulus, CBS Radio Merger – Game On

Another piece to the eventual merger of the worst radio company with the best is now in place.

CBS employees don’t want to believe that their excellent company could wind up in the hands of Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show.

And Cumulus employees don’t know what to believe.

Game on.

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  1. The sale price in dollars and multiples from people close to the situation. You heard it first.
  2. Why CBS finds Lew Dickey, an underachiever and toxic employer, so attractive.  Some things are more important than looks.
  3. The real deal behind all these collaborations between CBS and Cumulus.
  4. The reason why Cumulus sacrificed 67 stations to the national sports radio network launched by CBS that will never see a 1 share and just yesterday scheduled a new play date with each other.
  5. And what everybody is asking!  Is there any way – any way at all – that CBS keeps the biggest and best stations for themselves and sells only the others to Cumulus?

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