Critical Audience Trends

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If the current holiday season wasn’t a wakeup call for broadcasters, musicians, new media entrepreneurs and marketers, then 2011 will rock their world.

The year 2000 marked the beginning of the Internet age along with the end of the record business as we know it and 2006 began the decline of terrestrial radio with the ascent of mobile media devices and now 2011 promises to be a year of critical change for audiences.

There is no doubt Apple is on a roll and has some surprises for the labels and radio not the least of which could be a streaming music discovery service that would further hurt the radio industry and cede control of the record business further to Steve Jobs.

I am beginning to pick up trends that, while troubling to traditional media, could be useful to those of us who want to remain viable as technology and sociology continue to morph.

Today I am going to touch on 5 of the most important audience trends that are not generally being tracked.

The first one is about a major change in the way young people are beginning to communicate and how that may affect you.