Cox Channel

NO!  NO!  NO!

Say it ain’t so.

Cox Radio is starting to operate from the Cumulus and Clear Channel playbooks.

Not mean. 

Just lean – increasingly lean.

Some people are really worried and here is why.

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  1. Once and for all, can we rule out the sale of more Cox Radio markets?
  2. Who knew that Cox thought it had a ready and willing buyer for the recent non-essential markets it sold – and maybe even a buyer to sell the entire company.  Guess who it was and why they are not interested.
  3. Why most present and ex-employees think Cox is a human radio operator, but not all.  Their gripe has some substance.
  4. Cox doesn’t do mass firings, but they are using another tactic to cut costs.  You be the judge.
  5. How long before Cox makes a major move to get out of radio – my best estimate.

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