Content Creators Nightmare

Time Warner Cable is in play.

Les Moonves got them to pay double the compensation fee to carry network TV programming that Millennials are skipping out on.

CBS Radio set an acquisition price.

Netflix is killing the network TV business.

Radio now celebrates a pathetic 1% increase in revenue as “growth”.


Something major is happening to the media content business but there are some things that work so well, you’ll want to check what you’re doing against it.

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3.  Who almost always loses in a transaction – the buyer or the seller.  Management guru Peter Drucker answered this at one of my conferences before his death.  When looking for your next media job, work for this employer not that one.

4.  The only bulletproof media business – you want to be in this!

5.  The Big Question!  This is how you profitably make the transition from traditional to digital media -- The 6 Immutable Laws of Content Creation presented in order.

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