CNN’s New Morning Show

Jeff Zucker, the new head of CNN who is already itching for his new boss Jeff Bewkes’ job at Time Warner is ready to bring some of his network TV “magic” to cable.

The only problem is – who cares?

Cable disrupted network television decades ago and digital is disrupting cable now.

Millennials who account for 80 million people – a potent audience to advertisers – don’t care about cable.

Hate CNN, Fox and MSNBC.

Love Jon Stewart but on YouTube.

And want content anywhere not from a screen hanging on the wall.

Even older audiences are rejecting traditional cable so with the wonderboy of CNN ready to pair 42-year old Chris Cuomo with a 29-year old up and coming reporter named Kate Bolduan, Zucker thinks he’s found the magic formula.

By the way … Earth to Erin Burnett who Zucker originally wanted to pair with Cuomo.  She invoked a clause in her CNN contract that says she must be on in prime time.

There is no prime time for a network that can barely get a half million viewers each night and Burnett underperforms that.

Maybe Zucker should pair Cuomo with Kate Upton to get an even younger audience.

Okay, maybe that will work.  Sorry, I got distracted for a moment.

The problem is that Zucker is ten years behind the times like many of the people running radio stations, record labels, TV networks and newspapers.

One mistake separates them from successfully disrupting cable and turning it into the biggest thing since Apple, Google and Facebook.

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