Clownsquare, Cumulus & Dickey


  • These three players are the focus of fierce speculation about taking each other out but what Townsquare, Cumulus and Lew Dickey’s Modern Media are really getting set to do is a shocker – not what we’re being led to believe.  We examine each one’s likely moves.
  • True or false, Townsquare’s chief investor wants to sell? 
  • Cumulus is going to merge with Verizon – see, you believed that.  That’s what I mean, the radio industry will believe anything at this point.  Here is what Cumulus is really going to do and bankruptcy is baked in already – but there’s more.
  • Then there’s lots of talk about Modern Media buying -- of all things --Townsquare.  Did Townsquare start that rumor?  What IS going down between Lew and “Clownsquare”.
  • Fredo!  Forget what Lew buys, is he going to bring Fredo back or has he finally learned his lesson.  Here’s my bet on that one.

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