Clear Channel War On Account Execs Escalates

Week 2 of the consolidation of sales at Clear Channel has begun.

New high profile firings are happening.

New roadblocks for surviving salespeople.

Low morale as sellers prepare for more RIFs.

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  1. More big sales firings to start the week – how long will this sales RIF (reduction in force) continue.
  2. The new hiring guidelines.
  3. First example of sales “regionalization” – Bob Pittman’s latest brain fart.
  4. How surviving salespeople will see their selling territory (and personal non-reimbursable expenses) expanded.
  5. Just in case!  The successful class action lawsuit against a radio company that tried a similar move. 
  6. Pittman’s plans to tell Wall Street the company is doing great in spite of his radio group missing budget and dumping staff.
  7. How revenue budgets are decided – not what you think.
  8. What Clear Channel is doing about bonus spots and sketchy trade practices that helped get the company in trouble.
  9. The one good thing Pittman did when he took over that he is no longer doing.

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This article was made possible from those close to the layoffs at Clear Channel. When you have news to report, you are automatically in my Witness Protection Program, which has never revealed a source. 

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