Clear Channel Screwing Fired Employees

Clear Channel reportedly is treating some of its recently fired 700 employees so poorly, it’s like getting fired a second time.

Sources close to the situation have outed some serious meanness that has ex-employees very concerned.

This is ugly – I’m warning you in advance – but it gives insight into what is in store for the remaining employees that Clear Channel plans to fire this year.

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  1. Why some of the fired employees are now getting so desperate.
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  3. All the details about the new “hard ball” severance agreements being forced on fired workers.
  4. Why fired employees under 40 are suddenly worried about their benefits.
  5. The unthinkable response when fired employees try to contact HR for benefits.
  6. A first look at the new Clear Channel severance packages. 
  7. Health care crisis for employees as Clear Channel misses an important deadline.

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