Clear Channel Sales Call Centers Stealing Commissions

Has Bob Pittman no shame?

He fires 300 sellers last week while screaming for increased revenue.

Activates small regional call centers to “replace” them.

Now he’s stealing commissions from survivors of the layoffs.

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  1. How poaching of local sales is going to happen from thousands of miles away – in fact, it already has.
  2. What will happen to markets that escaped last week’s sales RIFs (reduction in force).
  3. All the details on how a call center thousands of miles away stole a major new buy from under the eyes of local DOS and sales staff – just happened last week to save paying commissions.
  4. How SpongeBob BossyPants is going to make it harder for surviving Clear Channel sellers to make what they made last year – 3 ways.
  5. Next target: Why all existing commission rates are under review.
  6. Who Clear Channel will be gunning for in the next sales RIF.
  7. And when that next sales RIF will occur.
  8. Early warning of two more sales RIFs coming on the heels of last week’s firings – one to Outdoor and one more to radio.
  9. Bobby Bombshell Surprise!  Why Pittman is turning the regional call centers loose on major markets that were thought to be safe -- not just regionals.

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This article was made possible from those close to the layoffs at Clear Channel. When you have news to report, you are automatically in my Witness Protection Program, which has never revealed a source. 

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