Clear Channel Rethinks Raises

You don’t get to be called The Evil Empire by being nice.

Evil is the opposite of nice.

So when Bob “Pitchman” Pittman came up with his 1,345th new idea since he invented MTV, the loyal employees of Clear Channel held their collective breath.

Pitchman was going to hand out raises – the first raises in at least 8 years – to people who qualified for them.

And that was the first indication these raises were not going to be what Clear Channel wanted their employees to think they would be.

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  1. Same day raises and firings – no kidding, that blatant. 
  2. First indication of the average pay “raise” Clear Channel employees are getting.
  3. Rolling layoffs – this is really evil.
  4. Plus, a look ahead to 2014 – Clear Channel’s new way to cut operating costs while saving on salaries.

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