Clear Channel Pays Off Raped Employee To Keep Quiet

This is what a boy’s club mentality gets you.

A young female employee forced to take on a shady client.

Reportedly threatened with being fired if she didn’t.

It ends ugly.

And then they make it all go away.

This is a story from the market where it all happened less than a year ago.

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  1. How this Clear Channel station forced a young female employee to do something she reportedly said she feared.  
  2. The state where the rape occurred while the station employee was working.
  3. Details about the incredible offer Clear Channel made to buy the young victim’s silence.
  4. How much they paid her to the penny – with check number and date.  (And yes, they took out taxes from the settlement to buy her silence).
  5. What has since happened to the victim and the market manager that bought her silence.  You won’t believe it, but it’s true.

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This article was made possible by information from several sources close to the situation. When you report news, you are automatically in my Witness Protection Program, which has never revealed a source. 

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