Clear Channel Orders 2014 Bonuses Slashed

What kind of a screwed up company brags about 4th quarter profits and does emergency cutbacks at the same time?

Now this.

SpongeBob Pittman is drastically cutting bonuses to the salespeople he claims have put Clear Channel in the black.

Are these guys just playing with numbers or playing with something else?

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  1. How much pay Clear Channel sellers will have to give up in 2014 compared to last year. 
  2. The new rules on who decides if you get a bonus at all even if you make your numbers.
  3. What they don’t want anyone to know!  The new approach to laying people off.
  4. What percentage increase in sales is now going to be mandated to all but ensure that their sellers won’t make any bonuses at all.
  5. Clear Channel’s new policy if you decide to up and leave the company now.
  6. Plus!  What just happened to those draconian new travel rules issued last month.

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