Clear Channel Mad Men

Bob Pittman is making his play to buy the major assets of Clear Channel.

If you think he’s been a little erratic lately, wait until you see what he’s working on now.

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  1. Why Pittman is sticking to his 4-per market layoff goals while at the same time handing out raises, bonuses and benefits to his top henchmen like it’s going out of style.  There’s a reason.
  2. The strategic reason Clear Channel asked advertisers a few days ago to stop making “lame ads”. 
  3. A major programming move coming to a Clear Channel station near you that will further stretch out an overworked air staff.
  4. How Clear Channel has finally resolved who will decide which employees will be getting the axe – forget the optics, it’s going to be done like this.
  5. Most Important!  Are the worst of the layoffs over after these four per market (624 total) firings happen?  The mind-blowing answer.

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