Clear Channel Expunging Ex-Employee Records

It’s the old Soviet Union at Clear Channel – once you leave their employ, you didn’t exist.  Off to Siberia.

If you currently work or have worked there, better check to see if they still have your employment records on file.

Or if they want to play games with your reputation after you leave.

That’s what happened to an ex-Clear Channel employee who requested that I use his name in telling the story of how the company denied verifying his employment for 14 years costing him job opportunities.

And this guy was very visible.

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  1. How Clear Channel without his knowledge told prospective employees he never worked for them thus making him out to be a liar and guaranteeing that he remained unemployed.
  2. What Clear Channel HR did and said once he discovered this apparent dirty trick.
  3. Rumors that he believes Clear Channel started about him when an attorney in a separate case in which he was a witness intimated that he was (erroneously) fired for sexual harassment.  So I didn’t work for you and now it’s sexual harassment?  Which one is it?
  4. Four steps experts recommend to protect yourself against this type of deadly career ending gamesmanship that is blatantly illegal – if you even know about it.
  5. Oh, yes – Tom Schurr was involved – and better yet this employee worked for Schurr.  But they’re still saying he never existed.

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