Clear Channel Declares War On Cumulus

Radio’s two “bad” boys are starting to make it personal.

Clear Channel’s CEO Bob Pittman and Cumulus’ CEO Lew Dickey are getting in each other’s faces.

Forget the wholesale stealing of WABC, New York people now and soon to come by Clear Channel’s WOR.

The developing fight is bigger than that with thousands of employees’ necks on the line.

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  1. What will happen when Sean Hannity’s joint Cumulus/Clear Channel contract is up?
  2. The secret Clear Channel plan to out automated Cumulus to the disadvantage of many employees.
  3. What ammunition Clear Channel is stocking up on for this battle with Cumulus.
  4. Why Cumulus COO John Dickey is holding an “emergency” meeting at WABC, New York even as you read this today.
  5. Cumulus’ next big, bad idea.

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