Clear Channel Contest Fraud Alleged

Turns out that radio companies have turned to screwing their listeners the way they are screwing their employees.

If the Bain philosophy is that companies are people, then Clear Channel is a real son of a bitch.

I’ve got a blistering, first-hand account from an ex-Clear Channel employee that exposes what could be construed as funny business in their Christmas Wish contest.

A national contest apparently manipulated for ratings, what markets get winners, which ones don’t, accusations of faking winners, phony winner promos exposed, deception so bad even Clear Channel had to stop it before they got caught – all this from a mole within Clear Channel.

Plus, with less than a month left until the end of the budget cycle – I mean, year – they are starting to step up the firing.

New evidence that big positions are being eliminated, not being filled – even important major market jobs – and what to expect in the next month. 

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